late-to-the-party cpr doodle because sakura is a hot mess alright don’t mess with her

imagine if naruto ever pisses her off in the future again and she gets really angry and just jabs her fingers into his chest again and is like ‘look here we’ve been over this don’t speak unless spoken to’ and he just wiggles his eyebrows and asks if she’s going to kiss him again

Anonymous whispered: 1/your most disliked anime? 2/a character you think you'll never get bored of ? 3/cupcakes or cookies ?

1-have to say free! 2- Itachi 3- cookies

  •  *watches a movie*
  •  *sees a dog*
  • me: if something happens to that dog I sWEAR TO GOD

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I want everyone in the village to acknowledge me as a great hokage!

↳ Happy birthday to the queen owner of Minato’s throne. ♡

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父子|Father and Son

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"I’ve wanted to meet you for so long-ttebayo…Mom."

"…’-ttebayo’, huh? You really are my child."

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I’m sorry but these idiots combine perfectly

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Just found the new Sarumi poster on Minitokyo ;) They’re so handsome ♡ Enjoy!!

K Project Sequel Green Lit! TV Anime Continuation Coming in 2015!



The K Project Official Twitter account tweeted this image, announcing that a tv anime sequel to K Project has been green lit! The sequel is set to hit screens in 2015.

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